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Temperature and Humidity Meter data logger usb with thermocouple

Product ID: Tecpel DTM-321
Temperature and Humidity Meter data logger usb with thermocouple

Humidity and temperature meter DTM-321

DTM-322: Dual Input + Data Recorder.+RS-232 interface
(optional USB cable)

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Q & A:

Customer asks in DTM-321 manual, measurement range is 0%~100% but operating environment is only 0 to 90% non-condensing –> so whether these two information conflicts? 

to extend its usage life.
The sensor measurement range can work for 0~ 100% RH
but the operating environment 0 ~ 90% RH(Non Condensing) is for the meter itself.
There is no conflicts with each other.
Besides, 100% RH is close to water and this will cause meter damaged for
all electronics devices. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the sensor and meter dry to extend its reliability and usage life.

    • Temp:-20°C ~ 60°C (-4°F ~ 140°F );
    •  K-type: -200°C ~ 1,370°C (-328°F ~ 2,498°F); Humidity: 0 ~ 100% RH
    • Data Logging capacity 16,000 records.
    • 4 Digit, Triple display.
    • K-type Termocouple.
    • Reading hold, °C or °F annunciators.
    • MAX, MIN function.
    • Auto power off.
    • Time function.
    • Automatic low battery indication.
    • RS-232 computer interface.
    • RS-232 cable and software for Windows.
    • USB Cable and USB driver disk (optional)
  • CE